Logic to check Is prime number or Not

Logic To Check is Prime Number or Not #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> int is_prime(int n) { int i; for ( i = 2 ; i <= n/2 ; i++ ) { if ( n%i == 0 ) return 0; } return 1; } int main() { cout<<is_prime(257); getch(); return 0; } Read More »

Advanced Topics in Cloud Computing


Energy efficiency in clouds • Amazon’s estimate, the energy- related costs of its data centers amount to 42% of the total budget, which includes both direct power consumption and the cooling infrastructure amortized overa15-yearperiod. • As a result, companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are building large data centers in barren desert land surrounding the Columbia River in the United States to exploit cheap hydroelectric power. • Lowering the ... Read More »

Cloud Applications


Scientific applications Business and consumer applications Productivity Social networking Media applications Multiplayer online gaming 09_Cloud_Applications_2640013     Read More »

Cloud Platforms in Industry


Amazon web services Google App Engine Microsoft Azure 08_Cloud_Platforms_in_Industry__2640013 Read More »

AWS Simple Work Flow (SWF)


Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) is a task coordination and state management service for cloud applications. With Amazon SWF, you can stop writing complex glue-code and state machinery and invest more in the business logic that makes your applications unique. you structure the various processing steps in an application that runs across one or more machines as a set of “tasks.” Amazon SWF manages dependencies between the tasks, schedules the ... Read More »

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing is a utility-oriented and Internet-centric way of delivering IT services on demand. These services cover the entire computing stack: from the hardware infrastructure pack- aged as a set of virtual machines to software services such as development platforms and distributed applications. Benefits                Reducing the capital costs associated to the IT infrastructure             Eliminating the depreciation or lifetime costs associated with IT capital assets                Replacing software licensing ... Read More »



•Virtualization is a large umbrella of technologies and concepts that are meant to provide an abstract environment—whether virtual hardware or an operating system—to run applications. • plays a fundamental role in efficiently delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions for cloud computing. Download PDF : Virtualization Read More »

Is Whatsapp – Facebook Deal Proving the Power of Social Media ?


Social media is essential for marketing success in the current business world.  Your company may not even be taken seriously without a presence on the big four social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  However, simply maintaining social media accounts for your business is not sufficient.  Winning social media marketing requires commitment, strategy, deep industry insight, genuine engagement and clever social content creation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Wall, explaining ... Read More »

Steps for Copy Zip file/files from Putty/Linux Server to the window

Most of the users are face the problem for the backup from the linux servers to the window os. Over here I have given one simple solution to overcome this problem. 1. Creating Zip File Using This Command : Go to Specific Location for Backup >zip mydata * You need to know your working Directory using >pwd /home/mca12111 See Example : 2.  Download PSCP.EXE from putty download page or click ... Read More »

Parallel and Distributed Computing

parallel and distributed computing

Parallel computing is the use of two or more processors (cores, computers) in combination to solve a single problem. A distributed system is a software system in which components located on networked computers communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messages.It can be work parallel. In the following Attachment, We will discuss about parallel computing and distributed computing concepts. Computing Platform and Technologies Eras of Computing, Parallel vs. Distributed Computing, ... Read More »

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